Joe & Simone, Brighton!

With Simone being Australian, but living in the UK and engaged to a fine English lad, Joe, we thought we’d take advantage of this gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having, and get together in Brighton to show those kids in Australia that they’re not the only ones who have a perfect beach climate.  Unfortunately, the British weather wasn’t keen to co-operate with the plans, and we found ourselves on a windswept pier, battling against dreary grey skies, a chilly gale, and a little bit of seaside drizzle.  Courageously, Joe and Simone agreed (after a little cajoling) to throw off their winter coats and enter into the Seaside Family Spirit!  We got some great shots, and hopefully their wedding in Australia will prove to be a little warmer!


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Aunty Helen

Hi Stephen… great pics! Good models! x

Love the bright red hair!

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