Liz & Jon, Nottingham, Wollaton Park!

If you’re reading this and you live in the UK, you are probably aware that the weather has been pretty atrocious over the last few weeks, but the rain didn’t stop Liz and Jon meeting up with me for some Pre-Wedding Wet Weather Fun in Nottingham.  Wollaton Park is a beautiful setting with lots of green space and tree-lined walkways (but precious little in the way of rain cover!) –  fortunately though, Jon came armed with his pink umbrella and so we were good for any conditions.

That is just the kind of preparation I like to see.

Thanks for braving the rain guys, and for smiling while you were at it!


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Gorgeous work, you really captured them and the love between them.

What a happy looking couple! Umbrellas are always such a fun and colorful prop too – love the one taken on the path.

Awww great job buddy, glad to see the rain didnt spoil the session

Great, love the tree line shot. Who says rain has to keep people indoors!

Yep, the weather has been terrible lateley but its good to see that didn’t stop show. I like the black and whites alot.

(OMG, i love her coat!) The umbrella’s are so cute and they have such great smiles!

sandra armstrong

interesting photos, they look very happy

the black and white photographs of this set are really nicely done

Love these images, they are so bright and cheery you amlost don’t notice the gloomy English day!

you delivered some lovely shots Steve. I love the b&w ones, especially the very first shot. Great work.

Great photos! Excellent use of tones and colours!

So, so awesome. I never had the pleasure of doing an engagement in the rain. Always wanted to though.

They look so happy. Just beautiful!

Love the umbrellas! The smiles in the first set are perfect 🙂

the second from the bottom is so beautiful!

Such a cute session! I love the umbrella shots.

Love the black and white one of them in the rows of trees! Looks like an art piece!

nice! Love the rainy day shots. Awesome couple!


Fantastic shots, Steve- so cool that you’re their photographer. Really looking forward to the big day! Becks and Duncan. xxx

Their smiles are infectious!

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