I am passionate when it comes to family, and combined with my passion for photography you can imagine that my two kids have been well documented through their (currently limited) years of development!  I love to look back on them at different stages of life and to marvel about how they have changed in the way they play, the way they interact with us and each other, and of course just to remember all of the fun we've had!

The idea of my family sessions is to create an experience where the kids can have fun, the parents can relax, and we can capture some beautiful portraits and perfect moments in time!

An hour is all we need, in a local park or somewhere your family love, and you'll come away with 30-50 high resolution images edited in my unique style to print, upload, share, and look back on together!

£175 for one hour session including 30-50 high resolution images!

Tel: 07808 027481

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