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Pangdean Wedding Photography : Ian & Annie!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Ian and Annie got married at the Pangdean Barn in Brighton.  The sun came out, everyone smiled (including Mell and I), and it couldn't have been a happier day.

We headed to Brighton expecting rain, and we did get some on the way, but by the time Ian was adjusting his cufflinks, the clouds had cleared, the flowers had arrived, and everything was just about perfect.  (We won't mention the gale force winds up by the Jack & Jill Windmills)

Having become great friends with Ian and Annie over the course of the build up to this wedding, we've been really looking forward to it, and I suspect they have too!  Such a beautiful day, Pangdean Barn is a fantastic setting for a wedding, and Annie's dress and hair were just perfect for her.

Congratulations Ian & Annie, and we'll see you soon!

Friends of Ian & Annie and want to see the full set?  No problem, you can find them here - if you can't figure out the password, then just ask Ian or Annie!

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